Big ideas often start small, and that is the case with Iliana Lilly Handbags. After a whirlwind internet romance with now husband Mark, wedding in Guanajuato, Mexico, and honeymoon in St. John, I found myself living peacefully by a lake in New England and within a month and a half, expecting my first daughter, Isadora.

I was a lawyer in Mexico for 8 years, and in my spare time also managed to earn a Masters degree in Human Development. While proud of my accomplishments as an attorney, practicing law didn't leave much time for nurturing my creative side. My studies in human development made me more aware of the inner-workings and desire for creativity, but still fell short of being an avenue of effectively expressing myself.

It was in just that time in my life when I felt free and comfortable enough to release my creative spirit. And then the adventure began. Mystical and magical images and colors arose from my newfound internal freedom and took forms of city-dwelling princesses, teddy bears, pocket watches and sophisticated snakes.

I believe all women are princesses at heart. We all want to be in touch with that girlishness inside that, in spite of the responsibilities of careers, parenting, and general adulthood, is inherent in all our souls. And yet at the same time, princesses want to be grown women as well, never forgetting the seduction and sophistication of the shapes around us in the world, in our imagination, and our bodies themselves.

Feelings can be as literal as the sense of touch. We believe that pampering is best done through the senses, and for this reason, have chosen only the finest quality of materials, authentic leather and snake skins that the market offers, together with the best workmanship to produce this exquisite collection.

My business relies on the global community, utilizing the finest of materials and craftsmanship from around the world. Together, my husband, kids, and I have traveled to my home country of Mexico, Europe, California, New York, Philadelphia, and all over New England to bring you the highest quality handbags possible at a reasonable price. We’ve also seen some more unfortunate kids in my country – specifically orphans in Leon - and are grateful to be able to contribute to their education, and a better future for them through the creation and selling of our handbags.

I'm in the process of creating my second collection now with the same enthusiasm and love as I felt when expecting another child! As in the "Art of Love", I try not to forget that all creation is art and that my love for the world in which we live is my fountain of creativity and inspiration.

We hope that you "Enjoy"! Iliana Lilly Handbags.

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